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PS and PP plastic tray and leftover material benefits of Huizhou

Business Tongrongtong Internet, telecommunication network, mobile network and its advanced technology, set business information publishing, network communication,Louboutin Pas cher, speech communication,Louboutin, conference calls, SMS and other functions in one,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, convenient for business people production,Louboutin Pas Cher, business development, customer management,Louboutin Pas Cher, business people, low cost high innovative communication tools.
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China SupplyIn-Line Wafer Etching. ~~~Suzhou Hua Lin Kena Semico

Contact: MS Elva Xu Tel: 0086-512-50175920 Fax: 0086-512-50175901 Email: Website: Address: 5E, KuaChun Industry Park, WeiTing Town,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, SIP, SuZhou 215122,Louboutin, China,Louboutin Pas Cher, Suzhou,Louboutin Pas cher, Suzhou,Louboutin, Jiangsu Zip: 215000 If the "SupplyIn-Line Wafer Etching.
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Beijing century resources electronic commerce technology limited

The project about a transfer ,commitment to the assignor hereby entrust ( in Beijing country source of investment advisers Limited ) apply, will be held in the transfer of the subject of public transfer, according to this announcement by ( Tianjin Property Trading Center ) on its website and related media to publish information and the transfer of property rights by ( Tianjin Property Trading Center ) to organize the implementation of .
The transferor under open ,fair ,justice ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the principle of good faith to make commitments are as follows: 1 ,the transfer of property rights is our true will ,the transfer of property right of clear ownership of the property ,we have complete disposal and implementation does not have any restrictions ;2,we transfer the property related to acts have performed the corresponding program ,Louboutin,through effective internal decision-making ,and obtains the corresponding approval ;3,Louboutin,we have submitted the equity transfer announcement and attachment material is true, complete ,legitimate ,effective ,there is no false records ,misleading statements or major omissions ;4,I in the process of transfer ,abide by the provisions of laws and regulations and the property rights trading market rules ,Louboutin Pas cher,in accordance with the relevant requirements to fulfill our obligations .
Our commitment to ensure compliance with the above ,such as violation of the commitment or irregularities, to the trading parties caused by the loss, I will bear the legal responsibility and the corresponding economic compensation responsibility .
In two ,the target enterprise standard of basic business target enterprise of Beijing century resources electronic commerce technology Limited Registration (home ) in Beijing City, Xicheng District Pearl City mouth 120 West Main Street( in the building too room 1801) the legal representative Xu Yimeng set time 2000-06-19 registered capital( million ) type of state-owned economy holding Enterprise Inc types ( the economic nature of ) other limited liability company, industry and other industrial organization code 72260880-0scaleminiature products Xu can manage a project :no general operating items :electronic commerce services ( without a special permit with the exception of the project ) ;network systems integration ;computer network engineering ;technology development ,technology transfer ,technical services ,technical training ;personnel training ;advisory information ( except intermediary ) ;computer graphic design ;for the computer industry ,high-tech investment management ;the development of product sales ( without a special permit with the exception of items ) ,electronic computer and external equipment ,machinery and electrical equipment ,metal materials ,building materials ,decoration materials ,hardware To pay electricity ,chemical products ;scientific and technological exchange activities ( except for the performance ) ;exhibition contractors exhibition ;Internet services ;design ,production advertising network ;using WWW.
CHINAMET.COM website network advertisement ;import and export of goods; agent import and export ;technology import and export .( not to obtain a special permit with the exception of items .) The number of employees 20 people if they contain state-owned transfer land not subject of ownership structure of enterprises whether to give up the original shareholders to exercise the preemptive right is the number of top ten shareholders shareholding ratio of 1ChineseNorthern Industrial Company 20%2Chinamachinery and equipment import and Export Corporation 20% 3ChinaElectronics Import and Export Corporation 20%4ChinaMachinery Import and export (Group ) Limited company of the 20% 5Chinatechnology import and Export Corporation the 20% major financial indicators ( million ) the following data from the annual audit report of annual operating income operating profit net profit million million million yuan total assets total liabilities owner million million million in 2010 operating income operating profit net profit of 6608036 yuan 961426 yuan961426 yuantotal assets and liabilities a total of possessory rights and interests 2687053 yuan 146333 yuan2540719 yuan ofaudit institutions of Beijing view is the following data from Union Alpha Cpa Ltd financial statements date operating income operating profit net profit 1975433yuan -37.
8393million2011-06-30Yuan -37.8393 yuanreport type total assets total liabilities owner quarterly 2344169yuan 181843 yuan2162326 yuan of assetsassessment ( million ) assessment institutions and assets assessment of Limited approved (record ) agency China North Industries Group Corporation approved (record ) date 2011-12-05 evaluate fiducial day2011-06-30 projectbook value to assess the value of total assets ( yuan ) business to provide services unable to provide total liabilities ( million ) business to provide business cannot provide the net assets ( yuan ) 10097transferredcorresponding to assess the value of 970000 yuanwas assessed at baseline audit law firm Beijing Hylands law firm internal deliberations of the resolution of the shareholders important information disclosure of other disclosed content management to participate in the the intention of no three ,the transferor transferor transferor of 1basic conditionsthe transferor of Chinese northern industrial company registered in China ( domicile ) Beijing Xuanwu District Guanganmen South Street No.
12 legal representativeZhao Gang note Registered capital ( million ) economic types of state-owned company types ( economic nature ) state-owned enterprises industry trade organization code 10000030-7scalelarge holding property () right proportion 20% to transfer the estate () the right proportion of 20% property rights transfer and approval of the SASAC of the State Council of national endowment superintendency orgnaization of the group or departments of China North Industries Group Corporation organization code approval unit of Chinese Northern Industrial Company general manager office conference resolution type of resolution four ,trading conditions and the transferee transactions listing price ( yuan ) 97the price paida one-time payment and transfer related condition 1 ,transferees with intent was identified as the ultimate transferee required in in three working days and the transferor signed contract of property right transaction ,the contract within five working days after the payment will be transfer to monetary funds in the form of a disposable into Tianjin Property Trading Center designated account .
Transferees with intent to be committed in the signing of the contract to the Tianjin Property Trading Center commissioned to provide payment notice ,consent of property rights trading center in Tianjin issued trading certificate within five working days after all the transfer price transfer to the transferor transferee account specified qualifications 1,if the transferee is a legally registered and the effective existence of legal entity or having a complete civil capacity of natural persons ;2,Louboutin Pas Cher,the transferee shall have good financial status ,ability to pay and the commercial credit .
The transferee shall pay a one-time payment after .Whether to pay margin margin setting of five ,listing information listing notice period since the date of public announcement within after
the expiration of listing ,if not the intention of collecting the transferee to listing transactions listing expires, if two or more collected in line with the conditions of the intention of the
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Road along the stone plastic mold box sheet metal mold large roa

The categories of allsectors of industry machinery and equipment industry hardware tools Instruments,Louboutin Pas cher, rubber chemicals fine chemicals pharmaceutical ,maintenance of textile ,leather home furnishing supplies electrician electrical lighting electronic components household appliances computer software communications products ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,gifts ,handicrafts ,jewelry .
Most sports ,leisure ,Louboutin,culture and Education Office of food beverage packaging printing paper media ,Louboutin Pas Cher,agricultural building ,building materials metallurgical mineral auto and accessories transportation
safety ,protective energy environmental protection business services in all parts of Beijing Tianjin Shanghai Chongqing Jiangsu Zhejiang Fujian Hunan Hubei,Louboutin, Guangdong Shandong Liaoning
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Hebei carborundum wearable Floor products supply, Henan Hebei ca

Hebei carborundum wearable Floor scope:? Of industrial plant need to bear greater wear resistance and shock resistance, load or a propagation operating area;?? requirements of clean production area;? The public facilities and commercial, shopping center, school,Louboutin, hospital, parking lots, sidewalks, applicable to the old concrete surface;? Alterations of engineering; Hebei BK licensing carborundum wearable Floor product characteristics:? Increases the endurance and strength of the floor, QYBKSCL improve the density of the surface, reducing dust, oil resistant, easy to clean, resistance to penetration;? And concrete ground with construction, short construction period;? Good durability, reduced by periodic painting or will surface thickening costs;? Various colors are available, meeting the demand of beauty; Bai Hebei branch licensing carborundum wearable Floor construction technology: when the base concrete before initial setting 5-6 into dry, spread and aggregate, and strive to spread evenly; 1, first spreading total 2/3, used polishing disc compaction twist hair; 2, second and spreading of total 1/3, with Finishing wool twisting disc compaction; 3, after initial set,Louboutin Pas Cher, polishing with calender again; 4, check the material scattering and flatness, the low-lying and flutter feeding adjustment, then theThe compaction of wool twisting, finishing processing; 5, before completion, with trowel for polishing process to complete; Hebei carborundum wearable Floor can fully play the role of.
Superior product performance can be shown.Hebei BK metal abrasive factory has many years of production experience and strong technical strength.Specializing in the production of corundum Jingang Sha abrasive, BK Hebei sandblasting special emery to high-quality corundum as raw material by the modern world's most advanced production technology, equipment and machinery processing of emery, grinding to remove impurities such as dust, two artificial drying (ease of screening dust).
Finally the precise screening tool for wear resistant materials screening package.BK corundum sand, polished sand series sold to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries; BK card full range of products sold in the domestic 30 provinces, city.
The company has the most advanced modern manufacturing equipment, passed the ISO9001:2001 quality system certification; in the introduction of foreign advanced technology on the basis of constant innovation, according to market demand for a wide variety of industries, to design the development of various types of conventional sandblasting equipment; according to another user product technical requirements, design and development of new special sandblasting equipment.
In order to ensure user to use and generate the highest benefit.Metal aggregate wear resistance floor emery performance characteristic: 1, has the properties of high abrasion resistance; 2, reduce dust; 3, convenient construction, easy maintenance.
Metal aggregate wear resistance floor scope: warehouse, wharf loading and unloading zone, factory machinery, aircraft parking apron, garage, parking area, oil storage, channel, bridge, ground, mining chute spillway, energy dissipation pool, loading and unloading ramp,Louboutin, military industry, textile industry, cold storage, automotive industry,Louboutin Pas cher, electronic industry, highways and other suitable for metal aggregate for concrete floor.
Hebei emery sand has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, the grinding time is short, the benefits of good characteristics of QYBKSCL.The product moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption and recycling, finish grinding pieces; having a high hardness,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, density, chemical stability and unique self-sharpening advantages to become the preferred material for the sandblasting technique; and chemical stability, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali.
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